August 2016

As your children prepare to start their new academic year, help your children achieve their highest potential! Children that practice martial arts have proven to show higher academic marks! With the ability to focus on what is truly important and more self-confidence, children can reach the goals they set for themselves in all areas of life.

Stockton Kuk Sool Hapkido can help give your children the advantage that they deserve!


Upcoming Events in July 2016

  • Monday, July 4, 2016 :  In observance of Independence Day, NO CLASSES will be held
    • Classes resume Tuesday, July 5th


  • Saturday, July 9, 2016: KS Family Day at the Beach @ Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
    • KS Families will meet at Kuk Sool by 8:00am and we will caravan from there
    • Contact Ma’am Angie or any KS Administrator for more information
  • Saturday, July 23, 2016:  SKSH’s Annual Bowl-a-thon.
    • See a KS Administrator for more details


Stay tuned! We have fun events for August 2016, including our annual KS Family Picnic. Details to follow.

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July 2016

June 2016



Keep your children ACTIVE this summer. When we are physically active, it allows our bodies to do what we want and need for it to do. Consistent exercise and physical activity help us to build strong muscles and bones, decrease risk of developing health issues such as Type 2 diabetes, help us with weight control, and improve our mental well-being. Studies consistently prove that physical ability builds self-esteem and confidence at every age!

What is Stockton Kuk Sool Hapkido doing with this knowledge? We are committed to helping you and your family reach your physical goals! We are offering a SUMMER SPECIAL… Now through June 30, 2016, tuition is 25% off! Your children will get fit, make new friends, and have lots of FUN!



What’s happening around SKSH this month?

Saturday, June 4, 2016 @ 10AM: 2nd Quarter Belt Testing

Students will also be hosting a Hot Dog Fundraiser during our lunch hour.

hot dog

Friday, June 17, 2016: Daddy & Me Day at Stockton Kuk Sool Hapkido


Saturday, June 18, 2016 @ 10AM: June Belt Promotion





Stay tuned! We will have more information regarding Kuk Sool Summer Camp for the month of July.

This year’s Kuk Sool Family Day event will take place at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. More updates to come shortly.

May 2016

We continue to push forward towards our health goals.  We will be focusing on intensive training as 2nd Quarter Testing and Promotion is already next month. Students, continue to work hard. Your hard work is awe-inspiring!

This month, we celebrate Moms in observance of Mother’s Day. Join us for Mommy & Me Day at Kuk Sool – Students will be bringing their moms to class to show them martial art techniques and participate in fun activities!



Our Stockton Kuk Sool students will also be participating in the Ultimate Slam Martial Arts Tournament in San Francisco, CA later this month. In addition, we will be hosting a Bake Sale Fundraiser to help our students go to Korea next year to participate in the International Tournament and Summit. We only have so many more exciting news to share with you in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Check our Calendar page to catch up with Stockton Kuk Sool Hapkido!

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April 2016

April proves to be a very special month due to National Public Health Week (first full week of April) and Every Kid Healthy Week (last full week of April). This translates to April as the month to bring awareness about the importance of your health! Physical fitness plays a central role in your overall health. The reality is that we all understand what it takes to be healthy, yet we do not always rise to the challenge of doing what is necessary in order to achieve and maintain great health.

Our martial arts school can help you and your family reach your health goals and stay in top shape! We offer a wide range of programs for students of all ages. Students in our adult program will attest that the mixture of martial arts training has improved their total-body strength and enhance their cardiovascular health. Our boxing class involves body conditioning, allowing you to obtain high level of athletic prowess.

Take a free week of martial arts training on us – for free! Contact us today – 209.957.8819.




April Calendar of Events

Saturday, April 2, 2016 – Stockton is Magnificent Event from 11am to 3pm. Our students will be performing on the Cultural Stage this year! We are so ecstatic to show you our martial arts demos at this event. Let’s support our community!


Saturday, April 16, 2016 through Sunday, April 17, 2016 – We will have a booth at San Joaquin Delta College’s Market. Hope to see everyone there!

March 2016

We are planning a trip to Korea in June 2017. During this time, our students will be participating in the International Championship competition (a multi-national event with participation from over 30 countries), youth training activities, as well as experience the Korean culture firsthand

The Stockton Kuk Sool Family has setup a GoFundMe account to send our students to Korea to participate in the International Competition in June 2017. This is an experience that would be made possible by your contributions! No contribution is too small.. it all matters!  We appreciate all of your support and thank you for your commitment to raising future role models in our Stockton community.


March Calendar of Events

  • Saturday, March 12, 2016: 1st Quarter Belt Testing
  • Saturday, March 26, 2016– 1st Quarter Belt Promotion



February 2016

Challenge yourself to get in top shape this month! We can help you reach your health goals. Take the Kuk Sool Challenge for your opportunity to win $100!

To enhance your cardiovascular health and improve your total-body strength, join our Boxing for Kuk Sool Program. Boxing is one of the most effective ways to get in shape and maintain your physical health, and it’s a lot of fun too!

Students, ask for your complimentary Valentine’s cards for your family and friends this month!

Visit us on Facebook to learn more about upcoming events at our school!

February Calendar of Events

  • Friday, February 12, 2016 from 5PM to 9PM: Parents Night Out event. Parents, drop off the kids and enjoy an evening out (You deserve it!)
  • Monday, February 15, 2016– In observance of President’s Day, no classes will be held. Classes resume the following day, Tuesday 02/16/2016.

Tips To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution


It’s a brand new year and everyone everywhere is setting up resolutions for themselves. Most of which are resolutions involving healthier lifestyles. We are going to promise ourselves that we are going to lose weight, or exercise more, or eat better, and actually make use of that gym membership. One of the reasons why these resolutions are so familiar is because we often fail and renew them for the next year. Awareness about obesity, GMOs, and gluten have helped our country become more health conscious and sparked the desire to live healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles. This doesn’t change, however, the fact that these types of changes can be difficult to maintain and the stressors of daily life can leave us in the endless loop of resolution and failure. Well I say don’t be discouraged. It is better to plan on making changes and failing at them than it is not making plans at all. Here are some tips that may help you meet your goals.

Focus on How You Feel Rather Than How You Look

If you are starting your year focused on how unhappy you are with your appearance, then you’re starting your year out negatively. We tend to forget that losing weight is a slow process, and hard work for slow results can be discouraging. Instead focus on the feeling you get when your complete your workout which will give you an immediate feeling of accomplishment. Don’t finish all your workouts reminding yourself that you are not happy with your appearance.

Be Specific About Your Goals and Keep the Plan Realistic

Being vague leaves you too much room to deviate from the plan. Rather than tell yourself that you are going to exercise more and lose weight, plan to workout 3 hours a week and lose 10 lbs. after a month period and work up to 5 hours a week once you have met your weight loss goal and maintain that routine for the entire year. Also, plan your workout ahead of time. What exercises are you doing today? How many sets? How many reps for each set?

It is also important to be realistic about your goals. If you work 40 hours a week and have two kids, you probably should not plan to go to the gym five days a week for two hours a day. It’s okay to start working out once a week and add more hours once you feel that time permits.

Make It a Social Event

You have to enjoy what you do in order for it to be a sustainable activity. Workout with friends or join a group exercise program. Martial arts, for example, offers an opportunity to learn something new and interesting while interacting with people. Fitness programs can be challenging and difficult, so it makes sense to choose one that also provides a support group. Training in a group can help keep energy and enthusiasm high and make the workout more enjoyable.

Reward Yourself

This is a very important step that many people overlook, and when you are writing down your plan (you had better be writing down your plan) make sure you also write down how you will reward yourself once you have met your goal. If you have successfully changed and maintained your diet for a three month period, then you have earned yourself dinner and cocktails with friends. If you have gone an entire year without deviating from you workout routine, then you should buy those new golf clubs or the new handbag that you have been wanting. Being healthy is positive, and the end result should be a positive experience.

Take the Kuk Sool Challenge

Stockton Kuk Sool Hapkido is issuing a challenge for all new sign ups in the month of January 2016. Sign up between now and the end of the month and set a goal to lose 20 pounds in a three month period. If you meet your goal by the end of March, Stockton Kuk Sool will give you $100!! So invest in yourself this New Year and start making that positive change that you have been planning.

January 2016


Happy New Year from Stockton Kuk Sool Hapkido!

sksh 2015

2016 will be an exciting year for Stockton Kuk Sool Hapkido. We have big things planned for 2016 and we hope you join on us on this ride! Let us help you reach your goals faster, live a healthier life style, and  improve your physical fitness, all while developing a relationship with our special group of people who we call family.

Ask us about the Kuk Sool Challenge for January to win $100 – on us! Call us today @ 209-957-8819.

Calendar of Events

  • Monday, January 18, 2016– No classes will be held in observance of Martin Luther King Holiday. Classes resume Tuesday.
  • Saturday, January 23, 2016 @ 10-11am– Town hall meeting for Korea Trip 2017.
  • Wednesday, January 27, 2016– Buddy Day. Bring a friend to class! Students who participate will be invited to our Ice cream party which starts @ 6:30pm.

December 2015

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


As this year rounds up, we would like to extend our sincerest thank you for supporting our school and our art. You are an amazing group of people, who we are blessed to call family. It is because of you that we get to do what we love every day.

Thank you for allowing us to help you reach goals to live a healthier lifestyle, improve your physical fitness, and develop important social and life skills. Most importantly, thank you for your commitment to improving our local community.

We are humbled by your support and appreciate your loyalty throughout all these years. As we give thanks this holiday season, we count you among our blessings.

We have big things planned for 2016 to help all of you reach your goals even faster and am hoping you all will join us on the ride!

Stay strong, stay healthy.

All the best,

Master Tan



December Calendar of Events

Saturday, December 12, 2015 – 4th Quarter Testing

Saturday, December 19, 2015- Belt Promotion

**Closed during Winter Break**